My first shot. I blog! Therefore, I am.

Almost a year of microblogging has not given me the true digital satisfaction. I need something more. Tonight, I take my first shot. The night of no return. My thoughts will from this day on be devoted to the blog. As I step onto this trail, knowing it leads into the black hell of digital addiction, I do not look back; I have no remorse. I am frightened, but it is oh so pleasant!

Ok, maybe I am also a little anxious about my own performance.

Now, what will I be writing about? I can assure you that finding content will not be a problem, because inside this head, things are boiling over the top. I am more concerned about getting each idea out before a new one arrives; I tend to make more plans that what I can finish. I will try as best I can to get all those drafts out.

Anyway, to this blog I will transfer my thoughts, ideas, paintings and drawings. My educational background is within biology/ecology/geography and I am conserned with the environment, so expect loads of biodiversity-related content. I am also interested in art, dancing, literature, and might write poems. I have a dream diary and maaaybe I will share from it from time to time. If I find that my personal life is relevant to the public, I might even talk about myself. On top of all, I like numbers, graphs and statistics, so you may get some nerd-stuff too.

Excuse me if my English is not perfect. I am Norwegian. I will try to keep to English,  but may write some posts in my native tongue too.

See you around!


7 thoughts on “My first shot. I blog! Therefore, I am.

  1. Hey, it’s @misc from Twitter. I’m trying to blog for the same reasons and have the same anxieties. We can form a support group!

    • All right! First comment 🙂 Thanx alot! Support group it is. I tried to follow your blog, but didn`t make it. I am a little new to this, will find out how it works…tomorrow!

  2. Looks like you are off to a good start. I love twitter, but appreciate your comment about needing something more. Go for it!

  3. Looking forward to this – you’re one of the few people on my twitter that I don’t know in real life that I’ve kept on there because you generally have insightful things to say. I’m subscribing to your blog in my RSS reader right after I hit the «Submit Comment» button!

    Good luck! Hopefully you’ll be better at this than I am (my blog sits stagnant for months on end..)

    • Wow, thank you! How nice 🙂 I hope I can keep it going, we`ll see. I enjoy your tweets too, and like the blog, I saw it now. Will check back in a while to see if I gave you inspiration!

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