People who talk to strangers

I love them!

Those who interact with others in places that according to social psychology should be too dense for such interaction. Who are so free that they sing aloud when others can hear. I suspect these to be the same ones.

Most people look at you like you are a terrorist if you make a comment while queueing at the grocery. Or, I guess, especially Norwegians. But the other day, a guy shouted after me:

– Oh my fucking God! Do you have contact lenses?

– Eh, no?

– You have fucking beautiful eyes!

I walked beside two others. The threshold of talking to someone in a group is somewhat higher than to a single person, isn’t it? I said thank you and walked on, but he stopped and walked back the ten meters we had passed each other by.

– Bloody hell! Your eyes are in sane! So damn blue.

He stared into my eyes and repeated his message. He was not at all fawning or pushing, but frank and spoke in his own vocabulary, which was full of swearing. Young, coke in hand. I was surprised, but not uncomfortable. I thanked him again and meant it.

What a fantastic thing to say to a stranger! I have beautiful eyes? Wow! That totally made my day. And thinking about it still makes me smile.

I want more of this, please! More interaction in the streets. Less distance. More talking to strangers!


Houses have souls

Those who have eyes have a soul. Windows are like eyes. The word window was adopted from Norse vind-auge in the Viking age, and means wind eye. So, houses have souls.

Eva Kittelsen, January 2010. Edited photo, taken in Bergen, Norway.

Can you see them?

I feel sorry for houses that are being torn down.

This is just virtual grafitti. I would like to paint this for real, but will probably not (too much work),  so I thought I could just as well post the picture.

But I like the idea. Mouth paintings under house eyes would be art interacting with the urban landscape, which is what is such a good thing about street art.

I have more house soul pictures that might show up here. Will post them under the tag houses.

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